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Water Audit – FAQ

I’ve had this done before, so how can you help?

We have audited many clients who have previously had some form of water audit and still produced significant returns for them. There are varying levels of water audits that are available under this very generic term, ranging from a bureau service, to consumption monitoring, to waste quality control. WMS UK provides a comprehensive service so that any areas that may have been previously missed will be scrutinized and ALL savings and refunds indentified. And of course one of the most compelling reasons for running an audit through a fresh pair of eyes is that problems do reoccur and it’s good to have a review.

We have an in-house team, so how can you help?

WMS UK surveyors have years of experience working for many of the largest commercial companies and public sector organisations, all of which have to one degree or another in house personnel dealing with water in some way shape or form. We have been able to add significant value to their internal expertise producing additional benefits that would otherwise be missed. As the audit is purely results orientated, if we cannot add any value you will have received a free and valuable validation that you are as efficient as you can possible be. Most energy consultants and brokers will often offer an add on for water through bill validation or a bureau service which does not include the essential site survey work. Our surveyors specialise solely on water, so we will provide a comprehensive analysis to identify all possible savings – looking at breakdown of charges within bills to check the various elements for the correct allowances, fixed charges, meter size charges and so on. In this way, we can complement the service you already receive and most likely add some value, without it conflicting with the work your energy consultant does for you.

How do you save me money?

Mainly through the site survey work of our technical surveyors, who have years of experience in these matters, identifying over-charging and excessive costs. 1 in 4 of our customers have been overcharged and we have been able to not only reduce their costs but also access a rebate as far back as 6 years

How do you get paid?

By results only, through an equal share of any savings and refunds we get for you for a limited period only. If we don’t find anything, you pay nothing.

We don’t spend that much on water

If the water company have been charging incorrectly, it may have been going on for some time and we are able to obtain refunds going back some years which could add up to a lot of money.

Why is your service free?

We wouldn’t like to charge for an audit, possibly find no savings or refunds for you and then send you a bill! We’re prepared to undertake the work at our own risk and only charge if we get some money back for you, that’s how confident we are.

What do I need to do?

We undertake all necessary work to check and where authorised, rectify client’s accounts. The only thing we ask you to do is provide 12 months copies of your water bills for analysis or the name of the person in your accounts dept to liaise with to obtain copies. After that, we do everything to put the savings in place and obtain any refunds for you that could be due, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

We have water meters how could you save us money?

Whether water is metered or unmeasured on a standard, fixed, RV based tariff, the charges are always made up of the same elements and it is these individual parts that make up the whole bill. We check all of these details and any incorrect or inappropriate charges are where the savings are found. With your authority, we then rectify the issue with the water supplier.