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Solar Film & Window Films

What is Solar Film?

Solar film is made up from micro thin layers of polyester optical grade polyester sheeting that undergoes various processes. It is then combined with specially designed adhesives to bond the film to the glass.

Who are the benefits of film?

Benefit from the wide range of different solutions that window film offers….

  • Save energy by lowering heating and cooling costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and cut energy cost
  • Reduce solar heat gain winter heat loss
  • Reduce glare and improve staff comfort
  • Increase privacy, control viewing
  • Display graphics and branding
  • Conform to health and safety regulations
  • Protect against UV
  • Stop fading
Translucent solar film

Translucent solar film

Warrington Service Centre

Brief: Reduce solar glare internally yet retain the line of site to the outside at the same time as providing a new advertising medium.

Solution: A full colour perforated advertising film was used to reduce the amount of solar glare entering the reception area providing the staff with a more comfortable work environment especially when working with computer screens.

The ability to promote the business both pictorially and in the written word was maximised by using a ghosted background image of an engine with full colour text and images overlaid.

Testimonial: Raf Khan WSC Owner said “The sun light has been dramatically reduced making the staff a lot happier and we can all still see what is happening on the yard.  As for the artwork to the outside I am most impressed with the appearance”

Warrington Service Centre, perforated advertising film

Warrington Service Centre, perforated advertising film


Part Installed at Warrington service centre to the left hand window

Part Installed at Warrington service centre to the left hand window