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Renewables and their finance will depend on many things be it type, stage of development, tariffs, Government funding and so on. Some renewables can be fully funded with the client just providing the land or building. Whatever you do make sure the medium and long term situation is taken into account, especially land ownership, equipment or supply and responsibility for maintenance.

The other utilities do not usually have the benefit of special financial help or subsidies.

If you need to borrow money for whatever reason I urge you to think about it from the viewpoint of the lender not the borrower.

Whilst you have no defence against bad luck, circumstances beyond your control and new inventions you should plan for the business to be in a position to pay off creditors and investors at any time should it become necessary. In addition, for employees and you as owners, to have time to move on whether it be to hand over the reigns of the business or wind up the business. Being in this position will ensure any business is strong and profitable.


Traditional bankers were trained to lend other people’s money. The prime aim being to keep the Bank safe from loss and to make a profit. The secondary aim was to help its customers through times of need, be it difficult times or successful periods, whether it be a person, small business, corporate or multinational.

The following principles stood the test of time but the reason for sharing this with you is that YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THIS BEFORE  BORROWING MONEY. Of course not everything applies to every case and many loans are now credit scored, especially personal borrowing, rather than being reliant on judgements made.


This is the most important piece of information for a business, be it one man band or multinational. It should be monitored and recorded year on year and used as early warning of problems or a comfort that the business continues to be profitable.

I used the following, among other things, to monitor my customers. My main aim was to be proactive to protect that business and help with any difficulties, concerns and its profitable growth.