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Business owner or responsible person?

You’re tasked with balancing the books and need to make savings. Do you cut back on staff perks, shifts or, worse still, the staff themselves? NO we suggest minimise your energy spend, adding money straight back to your bottom line.

What are the benefits?

Benefit from the wide range of different solutions that offer answers to

  • Current energy spend
  • Current carbon output
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • CSR
  • Future energy security
  • Benefit from a bespoke energy strategy

Honest advice to suit site and business model.

Complete ECO uses different solutions to provide the correct answer, choosing from energy brokerage, renewable energy and also energy reduction technologies.

Making things pay

Some businesses take a long term view on investments and others may want a return on investment in two years or less. Some of our clients prefer a financed route or fully funded.

Whatever your requirement we will be able to offer a solution on both the technology type and purchase route.

Quick Wins for clients

  • Client 1; We identified a £400/mth gas bill on a site with no gas!
  • Client 2; A simple swap to LED lamps on some signage reduced running costs by £1800/ yr, with a ROI in month 4!

“Allow us to use our energy to save yours”

Q Hotel Group, Park Royal Hotel

Q-Hotel Group, Park Royal Hotel

Q-Hotel Group, Park Royal Hotel

We completed a site review at the Park Royal hotel to help them with their energy expenditure. After reviewing everything from boilers to car park lights we were able to provide the site with £293,000 worth of energy opportunity.

Since 2008 we at the Park Royal have had energy efficiency very much at the top of our agenda. Over the years we have been able to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to and above our set targets. As we headed into 2013 we knew the challenge would be greater and in order to make further year on year reductions we would need expert assistance. This is where Complete Eco has made a difference for us. They presented us with a fantastic study on how we could make the further savings with a fantastic return on the investments, particularly through LED lighting. They quickly identified that energy efficiency was a high priority for us and they made our energy saving a high priority for themselves, which in my experience, is the major difference between Complete Eco and other consultants offering a similar service.

Peter Horn Maintenance Manager