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Water Management Solutions LogoHave you had your water bills audited?

Due to the very complex pricing structures and the reorganisation of water companies, many businesses are paying more than they should for their water. Martin Bale Utilities have now partnered with Water Management Solutions (WMS UK) and are currently helping hundreds of companies across the UK, to reduce their water costs and are claiming water and sewerage rebates on a weekly basis.

1 in 3 of our clients are being overcharged.

We will carry out a free non obligation review on your water charges. There are no upfront fees to pay as all of our work is completed on a performance related fee basis. If you have not overpaid there will be no fee payable for the work completed, and you will have the benefit of knowing that what you are paying is the right amount and no more.

Audit: The starting point is a free water audit which will provide you with a full understanding of where and how water is used on your site. Our expert surveyors will check your current and historic charges and ensure that you are being charged correctly. 1 in 3 of our business clients are found to be incorrectly charged on their water bills.

Save: We will calculate the potential cost savings by firstly identifying any discrepancies in your surface water highway drainage banding, validating your current tariff, billing and meter sizes are correct and assessing if rebates and reductions are available on your consumption. Typically savings of between 20 – 30% are achieved.

Leaks: Leaks can often go unnoticed for years adding significantly to your costs. Our thorough analysis enables us to benchmark your usage against the users and activity on site to quickly identify if there is a leak. Our experts will qualify how much water has been lost and make an allowance claim on your behalf and in some circumstances up to 6 years.

Recycle: Recycling of water inevitably saves costs. WMS UK will make recommendations to implement products to harvest your water and reuse where applicable, particularly where water is used in processing and manufacturing to ensure effective use of incoming water, wastewater and the rainwater draining from your premises.

WMS UK is a leading supplier across every sector, providing services to the NHS, Education Sector, Councils, British Aerospace Industry, Chambers of Commerce, Leading High Street Retailers, Top Brand Food and Drink Manufacturers and Industrial Manufacturing Companies. their experience has given them a broad and comprehensive understanding of the water industry that ensures they always identify irregularities and deliver optimum results/refunds, often exceeding clients’ expectations. In the last 24 months they have used this vast wealth of knowledge and experience to roll out their model to the SME market with astounding results.

To book your free water audit call 07932 154 489 or email