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LED & Energy Saving Lighting

Why change to LED and energy saving lighting?

There are many reasons to make the move away from a legacy lighting installation.

  • Significant energy savings
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Defined light colour levels
  • Improved light spread
  • Improved hygiene levels

Who can benefit?

If your business has lighting it also has the ability to save energy and money.  Regardless of whether your business is in the hospitality sector, manufacturing, retail or office, lighting provides an ideal opportunity to improve the work space and reduce cost. As a rule the longer the lights are on the bigger the saving.

Are the savings worth having?

The light boxes in the adjacent photo run for 133 hrs a week costing £2380 per year. With a 5 year guaranteed commercial LED lamp this cost is reduced by £1800.  A small quantity of the many thousands of retrofit lamps we offer.


Starting a project?

From project inception we can advise on projected savings for a site and carbon reduction. We can also provide design and specification data to meet a sites requirement, even providing colour 3D renderings to show what the outcome will be.

Our installation service will work around your business needs, even out of hours if requested.

From car-parks to cafes and factories to freezers….

“Allow us to use our energy to save yours”

Want to know in advance of purchase what the result will look like, take advantage of 3D modelling light.

False Colour Rendering