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Utilities use communications for data transfer and controlling equipment and/or processes using wireless technology. It is already possible to control heating and lighting in your own home via a smart phone and WiFi. Therefore it is important that utilities are considered alongside landlines, mobiles, the internet and broadband.

Not enough attention is being paid to the requirements of the next two generations when planning communications for the future in businesses. Having lived during a period of incredible scientific progress during the last 50 years the present generations are growing up in a world of instant communication, WiFi, the smart phone and access to digital information; a far cry from my youth.

I do not think they will expect to be working in a business which does not have documents on a digital screen instead of in a file so it can be worked on, accessed wherever they are in the world. Too much time is now wasted travelling between offices or having to wait until a member of staff returns to their office to open or consult a file.

What a tragic waste of time, money and effort.