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Are your energy bills as low as they could be?

In today’s world every option to save money and more importantly the world we live in must be considered, in my view, by everyone. This article by Dave Skeels of Complete Eco explains what to consider when taking a serious look at this subject and its benefits. Are your energy bills as low as they […]


Do you want to make a profit or a fortune?

Nothing I mention today is new and has been gained over 50 years working first as a traditional banker, then in industry and now running my own business as a Utilities Specialist. There are two very important principles which need to be embraced. I hope my article will not be news to you but I […]


OFGEM update

Ofgem provide a daily email update on their work to which you can subscribe. The following are just a flavour of what is available and would recommend a visit to the web site Domestic Consumers How to Complain How to get an electricity connection How to get help if you need it How to […]